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Fragrance Oil

  • Ginseng Fragrance Oil

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    Ginseng Fragrance Oil

    Ginseng is local specialty in China, famous for medicine effect. Ginseng fragrance oil smells fresh plant, soil. Some people like it as garden after rain.Read More

  • Ginger Flower Fragrance Oil

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    Ginger Flower Fragrance Oil

    Ginger flower fragrance oil is softer then ginger fragrance oil.Read More

  • Ginger Fragrance Oil

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    Ginger Fragrance Oil

    Ginger fragrance oil is full of fresh ginger flavor, widely used in aroma, mixing with other flavors to make aroma richer.Read More

  • Geranium

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    Geranium Fragrance Oil is a kindly of addtive, widely used in aroma, bath product, candels making, cosmetic mading and so on. Sweet and fragrant smell is well accepted by women.Read More

  • Gardenia Fragrance Oil

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    Gardenia Fragrance Oil

    Gardenia fragrance oil is a flower fragrance oil, it smells fresh and sweet suitable for women and kids product and detergent product, also good for candle.Read More

  • Corn Mint Fragrance Oil

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    Corn Mint Fragrance Oil

    Corn mint fragrance oil is a chinese mint fragrance oil, it smells softer and sweeter than peppermint fragrance oil, suitable for women and kids product and detergent product.Read More

  • Frankincense Fragrance Oil

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    Frankincense Fragrance Oil

    Frankincense fragrance oil is originated in the Middle East, and popular in Western countries and Asia now. It is an old and classic household aroma.Read More

  • Flower Fragrance Oil

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    Flower Fragrance Oil

    Flower fragrance oil is a flavour additive, and mainly used in cosmetic, personal care, soap and candle making for a flower note. More scents, please check our product list and contact us.Read More

  • Fruit Fragrance Oil

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    Fruit Fragrance Oil

    Fruit flavour is suitable for all products, and we have different grade fragrance oils for body perfume, car perfume, household air fresher, cosmetic, body and face wash product, candle and all of other products.Read More

  • Cucumber Fragrance Oil

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    Cucumber Fragrance Oil

    Fresh aroma brings cucumber fragrance oil widey using in soap, cosmetic, candle and many other industrial community. Many cucumber toner products and cucumber soaps includes cucumber extract and cucumber fragrance oil to make better smell and more acceptable by customers.Read More

  • Cream Fragrance Oil

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    Cream Fragrance Oil

    Cream fragrance oil is a additive, which is compounded with benzaldehyde, vanillin, nature spice, etc.. Cream fragrance oil is widely used in various industrial areas, sweet and smooth aroma is well accepted for cosmetic and candle productions.Read More

  • Cranberry Fragrance Oil

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    Cranberry Fragrance Oil

    Cranberry Fragrance Oil is a kindly of addtive, widely used in candels making, cosmetic mading, aroma making and so on. Sweet and sour smell is similar as candy, women and kids like it very much.Read More

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