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Beauty Methods Using Olive Oil
May 07, 2018

Beauty Methods Using Olive Oil

1: Olive oil cover, nourish the body


The body is washed with warm water and wiped dry with a towel, then rubbed with olive oil and applied to the face. After 10-15 minutes, apply a hot towel and gently wipe with a dry towel. In addition, olive oil can also be used to nourish the body. After bathing, add some olive oil in a glass of water and mix evenly. Apply it to the body and massage it properly to make the skin smoother.

2: Shaving


Women can use olive oil to moisturize shaved areas, olive oil has a good moisturizing effect, can replace ordinary care products. And skin-sensitive people can use olive oil as a shaving emollient.

3: Remove makeup


Most of them are fat-soluble chemical products. Olive oil has fat-soluble ingredients that can not only deeply cleanse the skin but also dissolve the make-up. It is also gentle and non-irritating and has little damage to the skin. The role of the emulsifier is mainly to make the olive oil produce a rich foam, and to allow water to fully envelope the oil, while cleaning the dirt and makeup particles together to wash away.

4: Exfoliating


In many uses of olive oil, the ability to exfoliate is gradually recognized. Use olive oil instead of exfoliating products to remove old keratin on your face. After each face is washed, gently massage with olive oil, and then use a steaming face or a hot towel to remove dirt and old keratin that cannot be seen by the naked eye, nourish the skin, increase the luster and elasticity of the skin.

5: Wrinkle removal


For eye pattern, annoying fine lines, crow's feet or other fine lines, you can use two drops of olive oil and a little aloe vera gel to mix well and apply it to fine lines. Once coated, absorb it and immediately see the lines (when you go out Do not wash off makeup directly. Stretch marks, with a spoonful of olive oil rubbed at the stretch marks, gently massage, long-term adherence, can remove stretch marks, or make it lighter.

6: lip


You can apply a hot towel to your lips before going to bed at night, cover your lips with a cotton pad and olive oil, and the next day it's powder. Especially for people who wear lipstick every day, they need to maintain their lips.

7: Hair Care


Mix an egg yolk and the right amount of olive oil into a paste. After the hair is washed, apply it to the hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and then wash. Your hair will become brighter and more elastic.