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Fragrance Oil Profile
Jan 11, 2018


 Fragrance oil is a synthetic aromatic oil that imitates natural flavors.It is an artificial flavor.It is used to make food, cosmetics, diffuser and cigarettes.

  The first fragrance oil synthesized by humans is vanillin, which was successfully synthesized in 1874 by Dr M halman and Dr G. teman of Germany.Vanillin is the main ingredient of natural spice and vanilla bean.Two years later, another chemist, K reimer, was involved in the study of vanillin.His synthetic vanillin is almost indistinguishable from natural vanillin

  German chocolate makers first applied the artificial vanilla, and soon after that, London's sugar mills began making hard fruit drops with fruit flavors.Today, the flavors of all kinds of fruits, flowers, woods, and grassed are chemically synthesized.