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Iron concentrate powder technology introduction
Apr 10, 2018

Iron beneficiation ore beneficiation process: Wet magnetic separation of fine iron powder in steel-making sludge is a process in which steel-making sludge is placed in a slurry pool, first soaked in water, and then impacted with a high-pressure water gun and added with appropriate water. To make the steelmaking sludge reach the specified fineness, the steelmaking sludge slurry is transported to the magnetic separator by the slurry pump through the screen in the slurry pool. At this time, the magnetic separator separates the iron powder and the tailings. The fine iron slurry flows into the dewatering basin for dewatering and storage, and the tailings slurry is discharged into the tailings pit. This method can completely recover the iron concentrate in the steelmaking sludge, so that the maximum utilization of resources can be achieved, and the economic and social benefits are considerable. .

Water Magnetic Separation Iron Concentrate Powder Machine and Its Usage Method Description: Water magnetic Separation Iron Concentrate Powder Machine and its application method. Metallurgical mineral processing machinery and beneficiation methods. In order to solve the iron content in industrial sulfuric acid waste, there is no good use, and has caused public hazards and other issues. This method uses magnets to attract iron in the sulfuric acid residue; a remarkable effect of extracting iron components after demagnetization in a non-magnet field, realizes a raw material cost of only 2% to 3%, and inputs 20% to 40% of water Magnetic iron production costs, to 100% effect. And can greatly reduce air, environment, surface, groundwater and other pollution. It has significant social and economic benefits, and it has also made significant progress in reducing public and public pollution.

Treatment method of dephosphorization of iron ore fine iron powder Content Description: This process is a method of dephosphorization of iron ore and iron fine powder, which can effectively solve the problem of high phosphorus content in iron ore and iron fine powder and cannot be refined. For the use of iron, the solution to the problem is to crush high-phosphorus iron ore and iron fines into coarse particles, place them in dephosphorization vessels, and then add an equal volume of diluted hydrochloric acid solution to heat them. After reacting for 25-40 minutes at °C, the hydrochloric acid solution is filtered out and then rinsed with clean water. The method can be re-selected. This method is simple, easy to operate, low in cost, good in dephosphorization, and can effectively solve high-phosphorus iron ore and iron concentrate. The ironmaking problem of powder has created the necessary conditions for the mining and utilization of high-phosphorus iron ore, and has provided abundant raw materials for the ironmaking industry and opened up a vast world.

Steel slag iron powder production process Description: This method discloses a steel slag iron powder production process, the steel slag is dried by rotary drum dryer, so that the water content of steel slag is less than 1.5%, after the drying of steel slag Into the electromagnetic premagnetizer for pre-magnetization, and then sent to the homogenization library for homogenization, storage, and then dry pre-grinding, the particulate steel above 3 mm and steel slag powder less than 3 mm

Then, the steel slag powder below 3 mm is subjected to a pneumatic separator by a separator, so that the steel slag powder is divided into particles of more than 180 mesh and less than 180 mesh, and particles larger than 180 mesh are put into a twin-barrel dry magnetic separator. Ferromagnetic election, after the magnetic separation of steel slag powder using electromagnetic demagnetizer demagnetization of steel slag powder, to reduce the slag powder than the magnetic susceptibility, to remove the magnetic reunion, and then demagnetized steel slag powder into the ball mill for grinding to 180 mesh In the following, the steel slag iron powder and the steel slag powder are separated by a separator. The method has the advantages of low production cost, no pollution to the environment and the like.

Method and device for producing iron fine powder with pyrite ore Content summary: A method and device for producing iron fine powder with pyrite, which is based on an existing sulfuric acid device, and adds a raw material mixing system. The slag discharged from the boiling furnace 3 is incorporated into pyrite as a raw material. The slag is discharged to the slag conveyor 5 through the slag discharge pipe 3-4, sent to the humidifier 6, and then sent to the raw material field by the slag discharge belt 7, and mixed into the pyrite in a calculated ratio to be thoroughly mixed with it. Into the furnace raw materials, and then into the furnace device 2 into the furnace, roasting. In addition to sulfuric acid, the obtained product can also be obtained as iron fine powder with a percentage of iron element≥63%. The use of a short and economical method to obtain huge economic benefits opens up new ways for the deep development of pyrite, making greater use of pyrite resources and increasing the economic efficiency of existing sulphuric acid plants. It is suitable for the improvement and improvement of the existing sulphuric acid plant.

Process for extracting iron powder from industrial iron-containing tailings Description: This method discloses a process for extracting iron powder from industrial iron-containing tailings. First, the industrial iron-containing tailings are soaked in water and cleaned. , The resulting clean tailings were then sent to a grinder for crushing, and the resulting fines were then delivered to a frequency of 50 Hz. The 220V high-frequency screen is used for screening, and the selected ore powder is sent to the wet magnetic roller type rotary magnetic separator again for magnetic separation. Finally, the primary ore qualified ore is conveyed to the refiner for final purification. This process can be used to maximize the utilization of iron resources in industrial tailings, and the economic and social benefits are very obvious.