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Powerful and Magical Usage of Peppermint Oil
Jan 23, 2018

Mint species and mixed species in numerous, about 20 species, native to the Mediterranean and Western Asia, but now it has been around the world's temperate zone. Peppermint family includes water mint, corn mint, mint, perfume mint, spearmint and peppermint (Peppermint, Latin name: Mentha piperita) is generally considered a mixture of mint and spearmint is used to One of the medical mint.

In modern medicine, many therapists, physicians, and scientists all agree that mint has the medicinal value of invigorating the stomach, dispelling flatulence, anti-spasticity, invigorating and motivating as well as neurological disorders, neuropathic vomiting, flatulence and colitis.

Cool mint, known in the West as "Clover", a symbol of smooth and wealth. Mint unique cool everywhere in everyday life, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, as well as chewing gum and so on.

Physical Efficacy: It has the dual effect of cooling when hot and warming the body when cold, so it is effective in treating cold and has good respiratory symptoms. For dry cough, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia and tuberculosis A certain effect. On the digestive tract disease is also very helpful, eliminate flatulence, relieve stomach and heartburn; In addition, it can reduce pain, migraine is also effective, but also can help fever.

Psychological effects: Peppermint cool properties can appease the anger, hysteria and fear of the state, can make the spirit boost, to give the soul the freedom to stretch space.

Beauty Efficacy: You can conditioning dirty, clogged skin, its cool feeling, can contract capillaries, relieve itching, inflammation and burns, but also soft skin, remove blackheads and oily skin is also very effective.

Other effects: Weekdays can peppermint oil drops on the sponge, to resolve unpleasant odor or fishy smell, such as cars, rooms, refrigerators, etc., not only fragrant, but also get rid of mosquitoes.

Skin Effects: Contraction of capillaries, elimination of toxins in the body, improvement of eczema, ringworm, soothing itchiness, inflammation and burns, supple skin, elimination of blackheads, beneficial oily hair and skin.