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Skin care Antiphlogistic Lanverder Oil
Dec 08, 2017

Lavender exudes the unique flavor, can let the disease worm away. Therefore, in Europe, lavender is often planted in the surrounding forest, to help the forest to repel pests, known as the plant "woodpecker." As early as the Roman period, lavender was widely used, and today, in a variety of books are confirmed in the efficacy of at least 70 kinds. We are familiar with the efficacy of: inhibit bacteria, promote the regeneration of skin cells, accelerate wound healing, fade scars, on burns, sunburn has a magical effect; improve acne, abscess, eczema. More because of its "two-way balance" skin grease characteristics, almost all kinds of skin can be relieved to accept the grace of lavender, is currently the world's highest sales of essential oil.