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Why should add sodium carbonate when preparing sodium thiosulfate
Jan 11, 2018

Since the sodium thiosulfate solution is easily decomposed by the action of carbon dioxide and microorganisms in the air and water, in order to reduce the carbon dioxide in the water and kill the microorganisms in the water, the freshly boiled and cooled distilled water is used to prepare the solution and less Na2CO3 is added 0.02%) to prevent decomposition of Na2S2O3.

Sodium thiosulfate, also known as soda, Hyperion. Monoclinic white crystalline powder, soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol. For the analysis of reagents, a very wide range of uses. 

Chemical formula: Na2S2O3, the proportion of 1.667, heated in the air is oxidized and decomposed into sodium sulfate and sulfur dioxide. The proportion of 1.667, heat easily decomposed, decomposed into sodium sulfate and sulfur or sodium sulfate and sodium polysulfide, while being oxidized by oxygen. Sodium thiosulfate decomposes with acid to release sulfur dioxide gas and produces sulfur precipitates. In the air heating is oxidized and decomposed into sodium sulfate, sulfur dioxide. Burning in isolated air generates sodium sulfate, alkali sulfide and sulfur. Should be stored in a cool dry warehouse, not with acid, oxidant storage and transportation.