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DIY Essential Oil Recipes For Removing Acne Mark
May 10, 2018


Tea Tree Oil Acne Formula

One drop of tea tree oil + 1 drop of Roman Chamomile essential oil + 5g of aloe vera gel. After deployment, it is applied in acne-prone areas to allow acne to be repaired as soon as possible. Tea tree oil has the effect of eliminating acne bacteria, just as it is a good idea for children to fall and apply tea oil. Roman chamomile oil has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rose Oil Acne Ink Formula

1 drop of sandalwood oil + 2 drops of rose oil + 10ml of grape seed oil. Apply evenly to acne marks to help the skin get rid of acne marks. Rose essential oil has the function of resisting skin relaxation caused by stretch mark or obesity, and can accelerate the metabolism of pigment, help the skin to remove the smallpox in India, and restore the skin to a lossless state.