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Fragrance Oil Categories By Physical Form
Jun 29, 2018

  Fragrance Oils can be divided into three categories according to its form: liquid fragrance oil, pasty fragrance oil and powder fragrance oil. Among them, liquid fragrance oils can be divided into three kinds: water-soluble fragrance oil, oil-soluble fragrance oil and emulsive fragrance oil.


1. Water-soluble fragrance oil

It is made by various natural and synthetic spices, soluble in water-soluble solvents such as ethanol, propylene glycol and glycerin. Most daily products fragrance oils are water-soluble fragrance oil, and all perfume fragrance oils are water-soluble fragrance oils.

2. Oil-soluble

It is made by natural and synthetic flavors, dissolved in oily solvents or directly blended with natural and synthetic flavors. Commonly used oily solvents are divided into two categories: 1. Vegetable oils, 2. Organic solvents. It is widely used in good and some daily products, for example hair mask, cleaning oil, etc..

3. Emulsive fragrance oil

It is are made by adding appropriate emulsifiers and stabilizers into oil-soluble fragrance oil and dispersing them into particles in water.

4. Pasty fragrance oil

It is mainly found in reactive fragrance oils, especially meat fragranc.

5. Powder fragrance oil

There are two types: 1. It is made by attaching spices to a carrier, 2. The emulsified fragrance oil is powdered by spraying and drying.