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How Much Essential Oil Is Used One Time?
May 21, 2018

How much is the essential oil used once? The amount of essential oil is not always better. It does not double because your dosage is doubled, but it will cause side effects such as allergies and damage to your health. Some studies have shown that in some cases, the smaller the amount the better. There are also differences in the use of essential oils in different ways.


Take the most commonly used method of essential oil massage, if you deploy to a concentration of 2%, you can drop 2 drops of pure essential oil in 5ml of base oil. If you just perform a facial massage, then 5ml is inexhaustible, at least Use 2-3 times, so the essential oil massage is very provincial.


If the essential oil is used in water, the amount of essential oil once is 1-8 drops. If you drop into the water and soak your feet, you can drop 6 drops at a time; drops into the bath bath can drop 6-8 drops, up to no more than 8 drops; drops into the water fumigation can drop 1-6 drops, adjust the dosage according to the size of the house Bath can drop 2-3 drops; shower can drop 1 drop in bath flower or bath; cold or hot pack can drop 4-5 drops and so on.


A small number of essential oils can be directly applied to the skin, such as lavender oil, tea tree oil, etc., and can be directly applied to the skin one drop at a time. Must be diluted for heavy use. For example, use these essential oils to prevent mosquito bites, treat acne, acne marks, etc. If you are accustomed to using essential oils on paper towels or handkerchiefs, use 1-2 drops of essential oil once.