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How To Treat Sexual Apathy Using Essential Oils
May 26, 2018

How to treat sexual apathy using essential oils? Sexual apathy, that is, lack of sexual desire, no interest in sexual life. Neutrality in life has appeared in many couples. Relatively speaking, women are more prone to cold sex. Sexuality does not affect sexual functioning, but it does not allow sexual pleasure. Like Yangshuo, only a very small number of sexually cold cases are caused by physiological conditions. Indifferent women's assessment of themselves is mostly negative and does not even like their own bodies. Careful and gentle use of essential oils for their massage can help these women accept and enjoy their feminine qualities.


Rose oil has a special relationship with women's sexual abilities. Rose oil has the function of nourishing and cleaning the uterus and is very helpful to the entire female reproductive system. Rose essential oil can affect female psychology and physiology at the same time, affect and change women's sexual ability, it can be said to be the best essential oil for women's therapeutic frigidity!


Jasmine essential oils can increase confidence. Rose original essence, jasmine original essence is also very helpful for apathy. Although the original essences are expensive, they are very effective, and the amount of each massage is very small. If you have symptoms of anxiety, you can use some neroli essential oils. Yilan oil with a sweet scent can also relax emotions. Some women particularly like the traditionally positive oils such as Clary Sage oil and Sandalwood oil.


Adding essential oils to cleansing products such as bath oils, soaps, creams, moisturizers, etc., can allow people who are indifferent to accept themselves, enhance their positive assessments, and feel their own value and charm. Some apathetic patients want counseling to change the status quo, may wish to use aromatherapy while receiving psychotherapy, will have a better effect on sexual frigidity treatment!