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How To Use Essential Oils On The Face
May 18, 2018


1, Massage face with essential oil


Divide essential oils into base oil or massage cream. After cleansing, apply proper amount to palm and massage facial skin while hot. Massage with essential oils generally uses 2-3 kinds of unilateral essential oils, can mix a variety of unilateral essential oils and then added to the base oil.


2, Essential oil smear


Apply essential oils to the face cream and apply it to face every morning and evening. When choosing a cream that mixes essential oils, choose a five-natured face cream of natural ingredients to maximize the effectiveness of essential oils.


3, Homemade essential oil toner


Drip the essential oil into the boiled water, shake it and spray it on your face.


4, The essential oil coating


Apply 1 drop of tea tree oil or lavender essential oil to acne to eliminate inflammation. Only a few essential oils can be applied directly to the skin. Most essential oils must be diluted before they can be applied to the skin.