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How To Use Lavender Essential Oil To Anti-acne
May 25, 2018

Face long acne, most people will choose to use tea tree oil smear acne, when the acne is eliminated, they will choose to use lavender essential oil anti-acne. When the pox or India is red, it can be eliminated, but when the pox and India have become black or dark brown, it is not easy to remove, so the best time to get rid of acne is just after the cure. Lavender essential oil has a very good bactericidal effect, but also can promote cell regeneration, and balance the secretion of oil, is the best choice for essential oil anti-acne India. Lavender essential oil anti-acne method of use:


Smear: Use a cotton swab to directly apply the pure lavender essential oil to the acne marks, which is more suitable for the removal of a small amount of acne marks. If the area of the acne marks is relatively large, you should dilute the lavender essential oil with a cream and then apply it.


Massage: Diluting the concentration of lavender essential oil with the base oil to 2%-5%, that is, dropping 4-10 drops of pure lavender essential oil into the 10ml base oil, and massage the smallpox in India after mixing.


Incense: If the lavender oil is of high purity, incense can be used.


Hot compress: In the hot water, add 3 drops of lavender essential oil, wring the towel and apply it to your face. The effect will be obvious for several consecutive days.


Fumigation: Dip 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil into hot water and steam the face with hot water. In general, if combined with rose essential oils, dilute the pigment whitening effect will be better.


In the use of lavender essential oil to anti-acne, must completely cure the face of acne, or acne to go acne again, some are futile. In addition, many people are using the use of blemish products, hoping to have immediate results, so desperately apply anti-acne products to their faces. This is not a wise choice. Because anti-acne products tend to have certain irritating irritations, long-term use will only hurt the already damaged skin.