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How To Use Lemongrass Essential Oil
May 29, 2018

The use of lemongrass in Indian medicine has been a very long history, especially for the treatment of infectious diseases or fever. It stimulates and regulates the body and is also a powerful disinfectant and disinfectant. Many experiments have confirmed its traditional efficacy. If you like to raise small animals, then you will also need lemongrass oil, because lemongrass oil can effectively remove insects, keep fleas and pests away from animals, and its deodorizing effect can keep animals well. odor. Lemongrass essential oil use method:


Lemongrass oil incense


Mosquito repellent


How to use: Add lemongrass essential oil to incense lamps and incense, sterilization, air purification and mosquito repellent effect.


Lemongrass oil steam inhalation


Soothes sore throat


How to use: Add 500ml of boiling water to the bowl, add 4 drops of lemongrass essential oil, 4 drops of tea tree oil, cover the head with a large towel, and inhale steam to ease sore throat and laryngitis.

Lemongrass Oil Massage


1, reduce muscle pain


Usage: lemongrass essential oil 2 drops + 2 drops of rosemary essential oil + 2 drops of lavender essential oil + base oil 10ml, massage muscle soreness after mixing, can relieve pain, promote circulation, make the muscles soft.


2, treatment of indigestion


Usage: lemongrass essential oil 2 drops + 2 drops of basil oil + 2 drops of fennel oil + base oil 10ml, mix and smear on the abdomen, and gently massage, can appetite, treat indigestion.


Lemongrass oil smear


Conditioning oily skin


How to use: Lemongrass essential oil 2 drops + 2 drops of lavender essential oil + neroli essential oil 1 drop + sweet almond oil 10ml, apply it to the face after mixing, have conditioning effect on oily skin and remove acne.


Lemongrass oil bath


How to use: Lemongrass oil 3 drops + 10ml whole milk, add to bath water after mixing. Lemongrass oil added to the bath water will make people feel fresh, but also can sterilize and deodorize the effect. However, lemongrass oil is a kind of stimulating essential oil that may stimulate sensitive skin. It can only add up to 3 drops in the bath. Diluted with base oil or milk before adding it. Lemongrass oil can also be added to the feet, allowing tired feet to rest and reduce sweat.


Lemongrass essential oil spray


Usage: lemongrass essential oil 3 drops + 3 drops of peppermint oil + cinnamon oil 3 drops + 100ml of pure water, shake, spray in the air can be cleaned, sterilized, insecticide.