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Introduction To Spices And Fragrance Oils
Jun 01, 2018

  Spices and fragrance oils are used for a wide range of purposes and are closely related to people's daily life.



  Spices and fragrance oils are additives of food, tobacco, wine, cosmetics, detergent, toothpaste, plastics and feed, which are closely related to the quality of products.Generally, only 0.2% to 2% fragrance oil is contained in fragrant products, and a small amount of fragrance oil can be used to produce a large number of fragrant products that are loved by the people.For example, 1kg of fragrance oil can be used to produce 200kg of candy or cookies, 1500 bottles of beverages, 20,000 packs of cigarettes, 67kg of toothpaste, 100kg of soap or lotion cream, and 500kg of synthetic laundry detergent.

  It can be seen that the quality of spices and fragrance oils is related to the quality of many perfumed products, and more importantly to the safety and health problems of people using or eating these perfumed products.

  With the gradual improvement of people's material standard of living, the demand for spices and fragrance oils is also increasing, its use is rapidly expanding, and the quality requirements will be increasingly strict.