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Raw Materials Of Fragrance Oil - II
Jul 13, 2018

3. The modifier

  The modifier is also called change agent, and its function is to change the flavor and add a new charm. The fragrance type used as a modifier differs from the main fragrance type and is used in a small amount in a fragrance formula, but it works very well. High-grade aliphatic aldehydes are widely used to highlight the strong aldehyde fragrance, increase the diffusion properties of the fragrance, and strengthen the top notes.

4. The fixer

  The fixer, also known as the scenting agent, not only does not itself volatilize, but also inhibits the volatilization rate of other volatile fragrances, thereby slowing down the volatilization rate of the fragrance oil, and at the same time making the aroma of the fragrance oil consistent at all times. Aromas with long-lasting stability. It may be a single compound or a mixture of various fragrances, either a scented substance or an unscented substance.

5. Added natural flavors

  Added natural flavor is a spice that gives a sense of realism and naturalness. Mainly use a variety of fragrant essential oils or extracts.