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Essential Oil

  • Osmanthus Essential Oil

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    Osmanthus Essential Oil

    Osmanthus essential oil is extracted from the flowers of thunbergii by solvent method. Strictly speaking, it should be called osmanthus absolute. The color is yellow-brown. It is very beneficial to the female reproductive system and can help regulate the physiological cycle... Read More

  • Valerian Essential Oil

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    Valerian Essential Oil

    Valerian essential oil, light yellow or yellow-green color, using distillation extraction. Valerian is a mild sedative with a good sleep-reducing effect. Its function also includes safe relief of tension, anxiety, over-excitement, and being used as a hypotension, anti-spasm,... Read More

  • Spearmint Essential Oil

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    Spearmint Essential Oil

    Spearmint is similar to mint essential oil, but slightly sweeter. Extracted from the top and leaves of flowering green mint. Unlike mint essential oils, spearmint essential oils do not contain menthol. The ancient Greeks used spearmint as an aroma supplement and used a lot of... Read More

  • Tangerine Essential Oil

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    Tangerine Essential Oil

    Tangerine essential oil, same as other citrus essential oils, is got by pressing its peels. Tangerine essential oil has the sweet and light feeling with the typical fresh odor of the citrus essential oils. Compared with other citrus essential oils, tangerine essential oil is... Read More

  • Mandarin Essential Oil

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    Mandarin Essential Oil

    Mandarin essential oil is an essential oil pressed from the mandarin peel. The smell is very good. It is very similar to the taste of fresh mandarins. The color is golden yellow. Mandarin essential oil has a delicate and elegant sweetness, in addition to the unique citrus... Read More

  • Petitgrain Oil

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    Petitgrain Oil

    Petitgrain and neroli essential oil are derived from the same orange tree. The neroli essential oil is extracted from its flowers and the petitgrain essential oil is extracted from its leaves and shoots. The main origins of petitgrain essential oils are in Italy, Spain and... Read More

  • Celery Essential Oil

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    Celery Essential Oil

    Celery oil is extracted from the celery seed, also called celery seed oil. Essential oils can be extracted from any part of celery, but the most effective celery oil used in aromatherapy is distilled from celery seeds. Celery essential oil has a strong but good smell of... Read More

  • Wild Marjoram Oil

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    Wild Marjoram Oil

    Wild marjoram essential oil, extracted from the flowering top and leaves of marjoram. The efficacy of wild marjoram oil is very wide, but its taboo is quite a lot, so it cannot be used as a common essential oil for aromatherapy. Wild Marjoram oil is very irritant to the skin... Read More

  • Parsley Essential Oil

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    Parsley Essential Oil

    Distilling the leaves, roots, and seeds of parsley produces essential oils, but the seeds have the highest essential oil content and the lowest root content. The parsley essential oil used in aromatherapy is extracted from the seeds of parsley. The color of the essential oil... Read More

  • Bay Essential Oil

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    Bay Essential Oil

    Bay essential oil is extracted from the leaves of bay tree by distillation, with a sweet and spicey flavor. The bay trees that are commonly seen have spear-like long leaves and are thick and bright. The small flowers are creamy yellow and the black berries are the knots. Bay... Read More

  • Caraway Oil

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    Caraway Oil

    Caraway oil is extracted from the seeds of caraway by distillation. The essential oil is sweet and pungent, a bit like pepper. The leaves of caraway are soft and shaped like fern plants, the small brown fruits are somewhat curled, and the clusters of flowers are either pink... Read More

  • Aniseed Oil

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    Aniseed Oil

    Aniseed oil, extracted from the seeds of the aniseed by distillation. Its essential oil smells spicy, licorice-like and very warm. The aniseed oil contains very toxic, so it is rarely used. More than 90% of the components of the aniseed oil are anethole. If the amount is too... Read More

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