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Fragrance Oil

  • Neroli Fragrance Oil

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    Neroli Fragrance Oil

    Neroli is the flower of orange, it is a fresh flower mixing with orange aroma, this fragrance oil is very suitble for daily product. Read More

  • Musk Fragrance Oil

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    Musk Fragrance Oil

    Musk fragrance oil is a kind of concentrated fragrance oils. Musk fragrance oil is widely used in perfume industrial areas, such as car perfume, home perfume, body perfume..It is very popular in Arabic world. Read More

  • Milk Fragrance Oil

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    Milk Fragrance Oil

    Milk is a popular note, we have milk fragrance oil for daily products and milk flavor for food. We have long last fragrance oil and rich aroma flavor, please feel free contact us. Read More

  • Magnolia Fragrance Oil

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    Magnolia Fragrance Oil

    Magnolia is a pure white flower for noble souls, magnolia aroma brings noble soul coming true. Magnolia fragrance oil a pure note for cosmetic, candle, aromatherapy and so on. Read More

  • Lotus Fragrance Oil

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    Lotus Fragrance Oil

    Lotus is one of top ten famous flowers in China, and national flower of India and Vitenam. This aroma is purty and fresh, good choice for cosmetic. Read More

  • Litchi Fragrance Oil

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    Litchi Fragrance Oil

    Litchi is a heavy sweet fruit note, litchi fragrance oil is litchi aroma, sweety aroma attacted customer. This fragrance oil is good aroma for covering bad aroma of the cosmetic raw materials, litchi is a good choice for musk, lotion, scrub and so on. Read More

  • Lime Fragrance Oil

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    Lime Fragrance Oil

    Lime is a kind of Citrus maduren sis, more sour than orange, women and kids like this aroma. The fragrance oil is concentrated fragrance oil, short quantity is enough for daily products. Read More

  • Lily Of The Valley Fragrance Oil

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    Lily Of The Valley Fragrance Oil

    Lily of the valley is often in the wedding, bless is "happines". And also because of the growth of the lilies of the valley area is not large, is also known as "the valley" lily, give the sense of a "pure and fresh". The note of this flower is... Read More

  • Lily Fragrance Oil

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    Lily Fragrance Oil

    Lily is pure and noble, and also lily fragrance oil is widely accepted all over the world. Read More

  • Lilac Flower Fragrance Oil

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    Lilac Flower Fragrance Oil

    Lilac flower fragrance oil is a more fresh flower note fragrance oil, only flower aroma, no plants aroma. Read More

  • Lilac Fragrance Oil

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    Lilac Fragrance Oil

    Lilac fragrance oil is a heavy flower note fragrance oil, it is heavy with violot lilac aroma, just like fulling in flower sea. Read More

  • Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil

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    Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil

    Lemon grass fragrance oil is a plant note, we have many lemon grass aroma fragrance oils, it smells fresh and a little sweet, a good choice for air fresher products, like car perfume, lamp oil and so on. Read More

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