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Antiphlogistic Pure Oregano Oil
Dec 08, 2017
Do not often too high dosage, want to achieve efficacy, usually low doses, and for a period of time, so that the effect of conditioning body function is the best. At ordinary times, the concentration or the $number is advisable, the more dangerous essential oil, then does not exceed 3% prevail. Photosensitive essential oil do not use in the sun to the place some essential oils contain light sensitive ingredients, after use if the sun, the skin will become black, and even cause skin cancer. Photosensitive also has the weight of the points, a slight, such as grapefruit, at night low dosage, the next day to sun to do not matter. But like citrus essential oils, lemons, bergamot, oranges, sweet oranges, lime, angelica, lemon verbena, coriander and so on, are all photosensitive essential oils.