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Bergamot Essential Oil
Apr 27, 2018

Effect and Function of Bergamot Essential Oil

The effects of bergamot essential oils are: pain relief, anti-frustration, antibacterial, anti-spasm, rejuvenation, promote wound healing, excitement, deodorization, digestion, phlegm, fever, insecticide, sedation, benefit stomach, make up, cure Trauma, worm drive. Its three most important functions are the treatment of urinary tract infections, the treatment of depression and anxiety, and the protection of the skin.

Application of bergamot essential oil

【Skin care】 Bergamot essential oil has antibacterial and curative effects and is particularly beneficial for oily skin conditions, especially when these conditions are related to stress. These conditions include eczema, dryness, acne, acne, varicose veins, wounds, herpes, skin and scalp dermatitis.


【Body Care】The antibacterial agent that is extremely valuable to the urethra is very effective in treating urethral infections and inflammations, mainly to improve cystitis. It is also helpful for the digestive tract, which can relieve pain during digestion, indigestion, flatulence, cramps, and loss of appetite. Excellent intestinal antibacterial agents can expel intestinal parasites and significantly eliminate gallstones.


Bergamot oil is useful for people with anorexia, because bergamot stimulates appetite. Contagious diseases that contribute to the respiratory tract, such as dyspnea, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. Herpes zoster, chickenpox, and herpes zoster are often effective. Bergamot oil regulates the function of the womb and was used to treat diseases transmitted through sexual behavior. Bergamot oil is an excellent insect repellent.


【Mind Maintenance】 Bergamot essential oil is the best choice for anxiety, depression and nerve tension. The fresh character can comfort anger and frustration.

With essential oils


Chamomile essential oil, Cypress oil, Eucalyptus oil, Geranium oil, Juniper oil, Jasmine oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Wild horse oil, Neroli oil, Patchouli oil, Ylang-Ylang oil, Tea tree oil, No Medicinal essential oil, ginger essential oil.

The suitable skin type of bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oils are suitable for a variety of skin types.


When you go out, don't use bergamot essential oil because it belongs to photosensitive essential oils.