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Chamomile Essential Oil (German/Roman) Camomiles
May 18, 2018


Chamomile is native to the United Kingdom and is grown in Germany, France and Morocco. Roman chamomile and German chamomile have many common features: about 30 cm high, the center is yellow, and the flowers are white, slightly hairy leaves. German chamomile grows small. Both chamomile essential oils contain blue scented oil (a highly effective anti-allergic substance), but it is mainly found in essential oils rather than whole plants. German chamomile has a slightly more blue-scented fumes and its color is dark blue, sometimes referred to as Hungarian chamomile.


German chamomile oil


Roman chamomile essential oil

According to legend, the Egyptians sacrificed this herb to the sun, because chamomile can treat fever, and other literature claims that it belongs to the moon's herbs because it has a cool effect. When dealing with neurological issues, the Egyptian priests particularly respected the soothing properties of chamomile. It was historically recognized as a physician of plants. It has been widely used in shampoos for many years, especially for the moisturizing and brightening effect of light hair. Currently chamomile essential oil is used in cosmetics and perfumes.


Effect and Function of Chamomile Essential Oil


Pain relief, anti-allergic, anti-convulsions, anti-depressant, antiemetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, antibacterial, anti-spasm, expectorant flatulence, promote bile secretion, promote scab, digestive, diuretic, soft skin, pass through, fever, Liver, nerve, spleen, stomach, sweat, make up, drive worms, treat wounds.


The application of chamomile essential oil


【Skin Care】 Chamomile essential oil can relieve scalds, blisters, inflamed wounds, and ulcers. Helps to improve eczema, facial blemishes, herpes, dry skin, super sensitive skin, and general allergies. Chamomile essential oil calms the ruptured capillaries, improves elasticity, and is excellent for dry, itchy skin. Eliminates edema and strengthens tissue. Chamomile essential oil is an excellent skin care product.


[Body Care] Chamomile essential oil has an analgesic effect. It can relieve depressed muscle pain, especially pain caused by nerve tension, and it is also helpful for lower back pain. At the same time, chamomile essential oil can be regularly menstrual period, reduce menstrual pain, and is often used to reduce the annoying symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause.


Chamomile essential oils can make stomach comfortable, reduce gastritis, diarrhea, colitis, stomach ulcers, vomiting, flatulence, enteritis, and various uncomfortable bowel diseases. Can improve the continuous infection, because chamomile essential oil can stimulate the manufacture of white blood cells, and then resist bacteria, enhance the immune system, fight against anemia is also quite effective.


【Mental Care】 Chamomile essential oils provide excellent comfort, relieve anxiety, tension, anger and fear, make people relaxed and patient, and feel peaceful. Relieving anxiety, calming the mind and helping insomnia.


【Daily Life】 Drop 1 drop of Chamomile essential oil on the pillow side to help you relax and sleep.


Suitable for essential oils with chamomile essential oils


Essential oils such as benzoin essential oil, bergamot essential oil, geranium essential oil, jasmine essential oil, lavender essential oil, lemon essential oil, marjoram essential oil, neroli essential oil, rose essential oil, patchouli essential oil, rose essential oil, ylang ylang oil.


Chamomile essential oil for skin types


Suitable for a variety of skin types Particularly suitable for dry, allergic skin.