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Development and Application of Anti-sticking Slag Spraying Material for Converter Roof
Apr 09, 2018

In the smelting process of the converter, slopping often occurs. During the falling process of the high-temperature melting material splashed by the converter, the temperature gradually decreases and the viscosity gradually increases, thereby adhering to the converter furnace mouth, furnace cap, and water tank. The continuous accumulation and expansion of sticky residue will eventually lead to slagging problems in the converter furnace mouth. Domestic and foreign scholars have conducted a series of studies on the problem of converter slag slag from the special equipment for the cleaning of slag in converter furnace slag, the separation technology of slag blocking and slag, and the treatment method for slag.

The experts of Wuhan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. selected magnesite-carbon refractory brick waste recycled materials as the main raw material, sintered magnesia as fine aggregate, fused magnesia and silicon carbide, graphite, silicon micro powder and α-Al2O3 powder as powder, alumina cement As a curing agent, sodium hexametaphosphate as a binder, calcium lignosulfonate as a water reducer, and polypropylene fiber as an anti-explosion agent, a low-cost, sticky slag separation effect, and an easy-to-clear converter for anti-adhesion have been developed through experimental studies. Slag spray feed. Through industrial tests and applications, the number of cleaning times for clay slag per class is reduced from 2-3 times to 1-2 times, and the cleaning time for viscous slag is reduced from 15-30 minutes to 10-15 minutes each time, improving the slag in the converter mouth. The clean-up efficiency reduces non-production operations time.