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Fat absorption method (fat cold suction method)
Jan 31, 2019

Fat absorption method (fat cold suction method)

     The general method is: put a layer of lukewarm fat (used with butter or lard) in several flat-bottomed glass pots (or ceramic pots), spread the fresh petals on the fat; Spread the fat; then pour the layers of the glass, so that the petals are pressed between the two layers of fat, and the oil can be absorbed by the fat. So change the petals every one or two days. Until the fat reaches saturation. Finally, the fat is separated and the essential oil is obtained. This method is commonly used to extract essential oils such as jasmine, rose, and neroli. The fat-sucking method is a very old method for extracting aromatic essential oils in southern France. It is also the most expensive method because it takes a lot of manpower and time.

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