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Fragrance Oil Tip
Feb 08, 2018

Introduction of fragrance knowledge:

Fragrance is a kind of artificial flavor, used in making candle, detergent, cosmetics and cigarettes.The first flavor synthesized by humans is vanillin.

Fragrance additional information:

1. If you can mix 3 ~ 5 kinds of fragrances with different flavors, you will get special fragrance.

2. If the oil soluble fragrance and emulsified fragrance and solid fragrance can be used skillfully, it can not only obtain the special fragrance, but also keep the fragrance lasting long time. But if the match is not right, it can be self-defeating.

The fragrance is suitable for the crowd:

The general population is suitable.

Instructions of fragrance:

There are many varieties of fragrance, and the use method is very complicated, but the following principles must be followed:

1. Be sure to choose according to the type and the smell of the fragrance itself;

2. Use the fragrance that is sure to dissolve;

3. It shall be added in proportion not higher than 1‰ to 2‰, which will only be allowed to increase under special circumstances;

4. Avoid mixing with high concentration of sugar or acid solution;

5. The water temperature should be strictly controlled and the water soluble fragrance should not be higher than 70 degree centigrade, and the oil soluble fragrance should not be higher than 120 degree centigrade.