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Garlic Oil Benefits
May 10, 2018


Garlic oil benefits and effects

Garlic oil has strong bactericidal, antibacterial, and virucidal effects; blood lipids, blood sugar, and liver protection. Garlic oil can also remove free radicals, improve immunity, and resist aging. Garlic oil is mainly used in the form of capsules, or to locally treat problem skin, and is rarely used for aromatherapy massage.

Garlic oil uses

【Skin Care】It has ameliorating effects on the problem skin, such as acne, acne, abscesses, sputum, and lupus that appear suddenly.


【Body Care】Make up good medicine and strengthen your body structure. Can delay the process of aging, because it can regulate the implementation of the cycle has a regulatory role, balance, help to clarify the blood, control of arterial hardening. The role of regulation and balance in the circulation helps to clarify the blood and control the hardening of the arteries. It is good for the digestive tract, stimulates gastrointestinal motility, regulates insulin in the body, and is also valuable for diabetes.


【Psychological care】its warm and stimulating effect can dispel tired feelings.


Furniture daily】For disinfecting ulcers and wounds infected with bacteria, corns and blemishes can also be improved.