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How to use lavender essential oil?
Jan 16, 2018

1 treatment of insomnia Sleep 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow or 2 drops of lavender essential oil drops on the cotton ball, will be placed in the pillow, make you laugh with a smile. Or 4 drops into the fumigation furnace, electric mosquito coils on the bed when sleeping in fumigation or add 4 drops to the bath tub for 20 minutes.

2. Treatment of insomnia pharyngitis, sore throat Lavender oil 1 drop, 2 drops of tea tree oil, the oil drops into a bowl of hot water (1000ML), the hot steam inhalation (5-10 minutes). At the same time can also be dropped on the handkerchief, with a simple inhalation inhalation

3. Cough cough Lavender oil 5 drops, 2 drops of peppermint oil, add 30ML base oil, and then gently rub the chest and back.

4. Treatment of influenza influenza lavender oil 3 drops, 2 drops of thyme, fumigation on the bedroom to sleep.

5. relieve headache Lavender oil 3 drops, add 100ML cold water, cold or lightly press the temple to the back of the brain.

6. Treatment of lip balm Lavender oil 1 drop applied to the lips, can treat lip sores. (Note that edible)

7. Treatment of Hong Kong foot lavender 5 drops, 5 drops of tea tree oil, dripping into warm water, foot bath foot bath.

8. to remove acne lavender essential oil 1 drop on the cotton swab or fingertips in the acne India massage 1-2 minutes

9. Burns wounds Lavender is very effective for burning burns, can promote cell regeneration. Burns, wounds, lavender oil stained with cotton, applied directly to the wound, just a few seconds, the pain disappears, will not form blisters, to speed up wound healing.

10. The best shampoo formula long hair 10 drops of short hair 5 drops of dosage and fragrance-free shampoo with oil can be effective to improve hair quality.

11. Small Animal Health Lavender five drops of tea five drops, first drops in the hand, then hand massage massage puppy pet home, can prevent lice and eggs, and skin diseases.

12. Clothing Pest control Lavender essential oil dripped into a few cotton balls, placed in several corners of the closet can help clothing pest control, and to bring fresh and elegant clothes aroma.