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How to make candles with soy wax
Jan 26, 2019

Prepare materials  

• Double pot (if not, put the measuring cup in a pot filled with boiling water)

• wick

• Core clip

• Soy wax, optionally an equal amount of liquid vegetable oil

• Hot glue gun or glass glue

• Essential oils

• Glass jars or other containers


1. Put the soybean wax into a double-layer pot, heat it to complete melting, add other vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil, and mix well.

2. When the temperature of the oil is lower than 40 °C, add the favorite essential oil.

Simply do <wbr>の <wbr> soy candles

3, select the wick, 8-10cm higher than the container is appropriate.

4. Pass one end of the wick through the core clip and leave a length of 1.5 cm. Secure the core clip in the middle of the bottom of the container with a hot glue gun or glass glue.

5. Pour the oil that has become non-hot into your container, 0.5-1.5cm from the bottle mouth.

Simply do <wbr>の <wbr> soy candles

6. Pass the wick through the card with the small hole in the middle and place the card on the bottle to help the wick remain vertical.

7. Wait patiently for the candle to cool and solidify. Trim the wick and use it after 24 hours.