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The Benefits and Effects of Rose Essential Oil
Jan 09, 2018


Rose native to the East, but now probably around the world, mainly in temperate. There are 250 different species of wild roses in the original variety, and thousands of varieties of hybrids. There are over thirty kinds of roses known as "scent of roses," but only three of them are the "parents" of other roses. They are planted in large areas because of the elegant flowers. The first is the red rose

(R. gallica), the easiest to breed, native to the Caucasus, often referred to as "French Rose," "Provins rose," or "Rose of Anatolia." The second old rose is R. centifolia, native to Persia, often referred to as the Provence rose or the Rose of Ispahan, the offspring of red roses, For the moss rose roses and rose heart parents. The third rose is the damascena rose (R. damascena), native to Syria, smelling the nose and is the most commonly used rose for distillation of essential oils, as well as the most medical value.


Migraine, sore throat, cough, constipation, impotence, premature ejaculation, dry skin, irregular menstruation, relieve stress.

Skin, beauty effects:

Rose oil is called "The Queen of Essential Oil." Anti-sensitive, moisturizing, Breast, eliminate dark circles, wrinkles, stretch marks.

Health effects:

Uterine tonic, clean, conditioning the uterus, calm the premenstrual syndrome, adjust the female endocrine and menstrual cycle, improve sexual cold, menopause discomfort. Can improve nausea, vomiting and constipation, headache.

Emotional effects:

Stabilize, decompression, sleep, appease, enthusiasm, romance, aphrodisiac, increase self-confidence karma, resolve anger and sadness, women can make a positive positive feelings.

Psychological effects:

You can calm emotions, especially when depressed, sad, jealous, and abhorrent. Boost mood, relieve nervous tension and stress. It is apparently a very feminine essential oil that enables women to feel positive and positive about themselves.

Physiological effects:

1, Rose is an excellent uterus tonic, can calm premenstrual symptoms, promote vaginal secretion, regulate menstrual cycle. On infertility, sexual cold and sexual incompetence quite helpful.

2, activation of stagnant blood circulation, reduce the phenomenon of cardiac congestion, strengthen the microvascular. When depressed, can balance and strengthen the stomach. Anti-bacterial and laxative function, purify the digestive tract, but also improve nausea, vomiting and constipation.

3, relieve menstrual pain, rose oil and geranium oil 4 drops, dropping in a pot of hot water, soaked towel hot belly half an hour, can treat dysmenorrhea.

4, 2 drops of rose oil + 2 drops of geranium oil + 5 ml of base oil, gently massage the lower abdomen in a clockwise direction to relieve dysmenorrhea.

Skin effects:

1, apply to all skin, especially for mature, dry, sclerosis or sensitive skin. Its compact, soothing properties help with inflammation and its miraculous healing of small veins due to its ability to contract capillaries.

2, skin care: wash your face every morning, a drop of rose essential oil in warm water, apply the facial skin with a towel press, can delay aging, keep the skin healthy and bright.

3, skin massage: 3 drops of rose oil + 1 drop of lavender essential oil + 1 of frankincense essential oil 1 + rosehip oil 5 ml, 1-2 times a week to do facial skin massage, make the skin moist and soft, young and energetic. If doing full-body massage, can create romantic passion, so that the skin moist and supple, soft and easy, the aroma with aphrodisiac effect, but also delay aging.

4, rejuvenation: rose 2 drops + sweet fennel 2 drops + 2 drops of cloves + 10ML base oil.

5, dilute the fine lines: rose 2 drops + geranium 2 drops + 2 drops of cloves + 10ML base oil (face, eyes are available).

6, improve redness: 2 drops of rose + cypress 2 drops + 2 drops of German Chamomile + 10ML base oil.

7, dilute the dark circles: 2 drops of roses + cypress 2 drops + 2 drops of German chamomile + 10ML base oil.

Rose oral oil

1, to ease the secretion of adrenal sebum, soothe melancholy, irritability, boost the spirit, improve sleep, relieve stress;

2, adjust the level of hormones, enhance libido, improve irregular menstruation, decreased libido, frigidity have wonderful improvement effect;

3, improve the body immunity, improve and enhance urinary system function; diuretic, strong kidney, promote toxin troubleshooting, metabolism;

4, on the mature, dry or sensitive skin has an excellent improvement effect. Strengthens the elasticity fiber, the collagen fiber activity, the anti-inflammatory sedation, the convergence micro-blood vessels, with the outside raise the spot to promote the melanin decomposition and metabolism, to improve the dull skin color phenomenon,

5, activation, promote blood circulation, improve spleen function, spleen and heart benefits;

6, Rose has a certain antibacterial, antibacterial function, with the promotion of intestinal peristalsis, improve constipation and other effects;

7, stimulate women's own hormones, increased estrogen levels in the body, so that the waist and abdomen showed bumpy outline, full and strong chest, stretch marks, maintain a perfect body.