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The difference between soy wax and paraffin wax
Jan 18, 2018

Aromatherapy candles can bring you a warm romantic, pleasant scent and a harmonious atmosphere. However, many widely used candles are made of paraffin wax extracted from petroleum, chemical distillates, petroleum blacks. 

Although widely used, they are not only harmful to health and the environment. The natural soybeans extracted soy candles made in the health and environmental protection material, natural pollution-free, more fully burned, long buring time. In health,environmental protection and energy efficiency, soybean wax> beeswax> palm wax> paraffin.The advantage for soy wax are below:

  1.  At the dinner table: A toxic chemical released by a paraffin candle that covers the aroma of the food. Smell-free soy candles burn longer and will not interfere with the smell or mouthfeel of the food you enjoy.

  2. Air Quality: All-Natural Soy Candles Compared with Paraffin, Burning Better, No Smoke No Residues. This gives your home a better overall air quality.

  3. From the point of view of energy sustainability: Unlike the extraction of paraffins from non-renewable petroleum, soybeans are a renewable resource. From the perspective of energy use, if possible, choose the brand of soybeans that uses sustainable cultivation

  4. Cleanability: Soy wax is biodegradable, so it tends to be easier to clean than paraffin if it is splashed on the tablecloth or clothing.

  5. Burning: Soy candles burn cleaner and more thoroughly than paraffin. The British "Daily Mail" reported: Many paraffin candles contain synthetic fragrances and dyes, when these substances are heated, it will emit harmful particulate matter.

  6. Recycling: Soy Candles are non-toxic, renewable and recyclable. In addition, you can reuse soy candles in glass containers.

  7. Fragrance: Soy candles burn slowly, allowing them to release essential oils for hours, with a mild, diffuse scent instead of a strong, explosive, synthetic scent. Plant and flower-derived odors or "aromatherapy" candles have always been a favorite.

  8. Costs: Although soy candles are often expensive, they tend to burn longer. When you take into account the factors of burning time, the cost performance of soy candles is win.