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The role of lanolin
Jan 27, 2019

Fat-like secretion of sheep sebaceous glands deposited on wool fibers. It is a product obtained from the purification of wool wax. It contains 25% to 30% water in normal time and can be widely used as a matrix for preparing ointment. Lanolin can make your skin smooth and supple. The earliest discovery of its skin-beautifying effect was due to the fact that it was found that the hands of Australian sheep-raising workers were generally tenderer than ordinary people, and later found to be the role of lanolin. Industrially used to prepare advanced anti-rust oil, low temperature lubricant, printing ink, fiber oil agent, leather fatliquor, plastic plasticizer, latex defoamer, etc. It is used in medicine to prepare rheumatism cream, zinc oxide plaster and ointment base. Cosmetic grade lanolin can be used in cold cream, anti-wrinkle cream, anti-cracking cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair cream, lipstick and premium soap. It is often used as a water-in-oil emulsifier and is an excellent moisturizing substance. Skin that is dry or rough due to lack of natural moisture can be softened and restored. It maintains the usual moisture content of the skin by delaying rather than completely preventing moisture from passing through the epidermis.

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