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The use of magnesium alloys and related products
Apr 13, 2018

Magnesium metal is the lightest metal that can be produced by humans and exists in the air for a long time. It is usually made in the industry by electrolysis or silicon reduction.

In recent years, the concepts of energy saving and environmental protection have become hot in the world. Magnesium is used in automobiles, aerospace, aviation, foundry, chemical electronics, communications, instruments, machinery manufacturing, transportation, energy storage materials, architectural decoration due to its light weight and other excellent performance. , ductile iron, desulfurizers, Grignard reagents, fireworks, military flares and magnesium cathode corrosion protection materials, magnesium alloys and other industries in the rapid development. The main products are: magnesium profiles, sacrificial anodes, magnesium ingots, magnesium alloys, magnesium profiles and magnesium die castings and so on.

Ball-type magnesium powder: Magnesium powder is a non-ferrous material with rapid development and wide application in the high-tech fields of the world. It is mainly used in the defense industry at home and abroad: such as rocket heads, missile firing heads, spacecraft components, and lighting bullets, etc. For the metallurgical industry, the casting, steel desulphurization; can also be used to produce flavor, single crystal silicon, pharmaceutical and other industries, has a very broad prospect. With the rapid development of modern industry, it shows an increasingly important position in the field of raw materials. The

Aluminum-magnesium alloy powder: Widely used in military, aerospace, chemical and other industries. Can produce a variety of specifications of aluminum-magnesium alloy powder, can also produce a variety of non-standard grades of aluminum-magnesium alloy powder according to the needs of users. Particle size 50-600 mesh, aluminum magnesium ratio (%) 50:50 (adjustable).

Aluminum-magnesium alloy swarf main features: light and thin with its die-casting parts, with a bright surface, light weight, high strength and weight ratio, dimensional stability, good shock absorption, fast heat dissipation, anti-static and so on. Main uses: Widely used in high-end household appliances, such as wall-mounted TV enclosures, laptop enclosures, communications electronics, automotive parts and components. Products made from this material can be recycled and reused 100%, in line with the concept of environmental protection.

Magnesium alloys are mainly used in aviation, aerospace, defense industries, automobile industry and various magnesium alloy profiles.

Magnesium Sacrificial Anode Main Uses: Mainly used in various types of pipelines such as water supply, drainage, gas, natural gas, heating, thermal power plant transmission, and steam transportation in urban construction; long-distance transportation from petroleum, natural gas and other production sites to oil refineries and natural gas users. Pipelines; various tanks for oil storage and gas storage; pump stations for oil, gas, and water boosters; bridges for construction and other iron and other alloys that come into contact with water and soil. High-efficiency magnesium sacrificial anodes are magnesium-based alloys that are produced by refining, alloying, casting, and heat treatment processes using low-iron, high-purity magnesium.

Magnesium tape: used for storage and protection of pipelines.

Magnesium rods: Used for antisepsis and scale inhibition of water heaters and boilers. Magnesium plate: Magnesium sheet, used in electronic products shell, aircraft and other manufacturing industries.

Magnesium Ingot: In addition to magnesium alloy and desulfurizer, it is also used in chemical industry, military industry and instrument manufacturing.

Extruded magnesium anode: Mainly used in water heaters, heat exchangers, evaporators, boilers and other equipment, has the advantages of softened water quality, scale removal and decontamination, extended host service life.