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Can Different Brands Of Essential Oils Be Used Together?
Jun 13, 2018

When purchasing skin care products, shopping guides generally recommend purchasing a complete set of products, including facial cleanser, toner, cream or lotion, and even eye cream, serum, mask, exfoliant and so on. When purchasing essential oils, do you not want to purchase a complete set? Can different brands of essential oils be used together?


Essential oils and general skin care products have many differences in terms of permeability, use methods, and efficacy. There are also differences in whether or not they can mix and match. Essential oils do not strictly limit the mix and match between brands. The key is quality. As long as it is a pure essential oil, any brand of essential oil can be mixed, but it is better to mix the same quality brands.


Regular different brands of essential oils can be used together and deployed. Regular brand base oils can also be used to blend other brands of essential oils. However, some essential oils and base oils are marked organically. Such oils are better in quality than non-organic ones. It is best to use other essential oils and base oils that are also organic, so as to ensure the effectiveness of organic essential oils.