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Can Essential Oils Treat Diabetes?
Nov 02, 2018

Many people like the aroma of essential oils. Some people also advocate that essential oils can be used to treat diabetes, but essential oils do not cure diabetes, but adding them to management procedures can help relieve stress and the symptoms of potential diabetic neuropathy.
Treatment of essential oils and diabetes
If you 've been focusing on alternative treatments for type 2 diabetes, you might know that many patients use essential oils, which are often used to manage blood sugar, treat symptoms, and even cure diseases. Although essential oils are "natural" treatments, they may also have side effects.
What are essential oils made of? Can they cure diabetes?
Essential oils are extracted from plants, but that does not mean they are not effective. For example, 50 lemons extract a bottle of 15-m Illiliter(mL) essential oil, 3 pounds(pound) of lavender flower extract a bottle of 15 ML, 105 pounds of rose petals extract 5 ml bottle. Essential oils do not reverse diabetes, and there is no evidence that essential oils are sufficient as diabetes drugs.
Well-meaning friends or family members may say that essential oils can repair or treat diabetic neuropathy, but this research is very limited. Lavender oil is particularly useful for neuropathy, and massaging your feet can improve circulation and reduce pain, according to researchers at the mormaryland medical center. In addition, when it comes to the benefits of essential oils for diabetes, which should be stress relief, people with diabetes are under tremendous stress. Anything that helps relieve stress is good for the patient, and the soothing effect of essential oils can help keep diabetics calm and comforted, which can also help control blood sugar levels

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