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How To DIY Perfume- Part One
May 03, 2018

Do you want to allocate perfume by your self? Just do it, here will teach you how to do it yourself.


1. Essential oil or fragrance oil diy perfume formula:

Reiki perfume: 10 drops of lemon+10 drops of bergamot+20 drops of mastic+ 4 drops of rosewood.

Romantic lover: rose 4 drops + sandalwood 12 drops + geranium 2 drops + rosewood 2 drops.

Carnival: 8 drops of bergamot+8 drops of geranium+4 drops of orange flowers.

Mysterious journey: patchouli 6 drops + sandalwood 4 drops + 4 drops + rose 4 drops + jasmine 2 drops.

Fragrance: rose 5 drops + rosewood 5 drops + orange flowers 5 drops + cedar 5 drops.

Love: 10 drops of bergamot+10 drops of geranium +10 drops of patchouli.

Green house: 10 drops of bergamot+4 drops of rosewood+5 drops of cedar+1 drop of lemon grass.

Refreshing: 10 drops of geranium+10 drops of orange + 10ml of jojoba oil.

Lifting spirit: 10 drops of rosewood +10 drops of bitter orange leaves + jojoba oil 10ml.

Tranquilizer: sandalwood 10 drops + lavender 10 drops + jojoba oil 20ml.

2. Add 70 ml of pure alcohol, stir the mixed oils gently for 3 minutes, make its can be fully mixed in the dark glass bottles. 48 hours later, add 30 ml distilled water, stir gently for 3 minutes. Another 48 hours later, you're done!


1. If you want to make perfume more permanent, after adding distilled water at the last step, place it for 4 to 6 weeks. 

2. If the aroma is too heavy, add more amount of distilled water until you are satisfied.