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How To Use Expired Essential Oils
Jun 11, 2018

"By buying a bottle of essential oil, it was very expensive when you bought it, but now it's expired. It's a pity to dump it. What can you do if the expired essential oil can't be used? How do you use it?" Did you have such an experience? Because I like to buy a certain kind of essential oil, I put it aside after using it for a few times. As time goes by, I will expire. There are several bottles that I like to buy. I haven't run out yet. The shelf life is over. How to use expired essential oils?


Generally 100% pure essential oils can usually be kept for several years. Just like sandalwood oil and frankincense oil, alcohol is as long as alcohol, but you should pay attention to the problem of oxidation. If you open the lid and touch the air, it will also deteriorate. However, there are also essential oils that cannot be left for a long time, like citruses, except for bergamot essential oils, which have a shelf life of only two years. Most of the essential oils have a shelf life of 3-5 years, and they will be indicated on the packaging of the essential oil bottles at the time of purchase.


What to do if individual essential oil expires


The expired unilateral essential oil should not be used on the skin. No matter if it is expired or it has just expired, it should not be used on the skin. After the shelf life is not too long, if the smell does not change much compared to the original, then you can try to incense, or home daily use, such as when washing cloth, mopping a few drops, or washing the toilet Can also be used. Because the essential oil has just passed the shelf life does not mean that the complete deterioration, but the active ingredient part of the volatile, not as good as the original, some of the Kaifeng longer oil can also be used. However, if it is overdue for a long time, the smell is not as good as before, which means that the essential oil composition has been oxidized and deteriorated. Such a single essential oil should not be used again.


How to do with expired compound essential oils


The compound essential oil is generally formulated with a base oil and can be used directly on the skin. The use of compound essential oils is generally used to massage the skin, face, body, etc., because the base oil is very easy to rancid, so after the expired compound essential oils do not use, so as not to cause harm to the skin.


In order to prevent the waste caused by the expiration of essential oils, when purchasing essential oils, do not buy too much. One bottle of the same kind of essential oil is enough, because the amount of each essential oil is very small, and a bottle of 10ml of essential oil can be dripped 200 drops. It can be used for a long time. In addition, you can dig out more suitable for your own use, try the beauty of all kinds of essential oils! Before buying essential oils, you must also consider your own situation. For example, if you are ready to get pregnant, do not buy essential oils that are not suitable for pregnant women. Commonly used lavender essential oils and rose essential oils cannot be used.