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How To Use Massage Oil
May 31, 2018

Massage is the most professional method of using essential oils in aromatherapy and is one of the most effective methods. Essential oils can be absorbed by the skin in a short time. Massage has relaxing muscles, gentle breathing, and promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The effect of these massages is even more pronounced when they are combined with excellent essential oils. The method of essential oil massage is to dilute the essential oil with vegetable oil and apply it to the skin to perform push, pressure, kneading and other massage actions. The essential oil molecules enter the body through the body's skin to achieve the purpose of physical and mental treatment; on the other hand, they enter the brain through the sense of smell. To achieve soothing or exhilarating purposes. Simply speaking, essential oil aromatherapy is an effective method of using essential oils that can act both on the physiological level and on the psychological level.


How to use facial massage oil


After washing your face, apply toner, preferably a cotton pad, to the toner. This will not only replenish the skin but also provide a secondary cleansing effect. Then apply a massage oil that is suitable for your skin (for example 1% concentration is 2-3 drops of pure essential oil in 10ml base oil), massage for 10 minutes, dry skin can be once a day, oily skin once a week, delicate The skin massage time should not be too long, but relaxation and aging skin need to strengthen the massage times and time.


How to use body massage essential oils


Apply both hands with massage oil (2.5% concentration, ie 10 drops of pure essential oil in 20ml base oil). Massage in various directions along the direction of the lymphatic circulation can enhance the lymphatic system's detoxification ability, metabolize body waste and Toxins, to achieve detoxification, enhance the effectiveness of the immune system. In general, most people who use their body massage oil to massage aromatic oils are effective massages. In addition to the area in the middle of the back where you can't massage yourself, other parts of the body can massage themselves. Your body massage does not need to care too much about whether massage techniques are superb, but you must follow the correct method and dosage of essential oils. If a person suffering from a physical condition should use it with caution, such as inflammation of the skin, severe back pain, skin infections, bruises, fractures, scars, and sunburn, it is not suitable for essential oil massage.


Essential oil massage should be moderate


Hippocrates had mentioned in his writings a method for treating shoulder pain: “The shoulders must be gently and smoothly massaged with the palm of your hand. The therapist must understand many things, including confirming the massage method.” This paragraph of his writing showed aromas. The general strength of the massage method: Do not be too intense during massage, but be gentle and smooth. Of course, it may vary depending on the specific needs.


Tips: Do skin test before massage with essential oils.