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HWI USA Will Close Sproul And Oak Hill Two Plants
Feb 02, 2018

January 29 news, the United States HWI company announced in February 2017 that it will invest 30 million US dollars in South Point, Ohio to create a new state-of-the-art amorphous refractory plant as a company to improve performance to better meet customer needs An important step in this strategy. The new plant's geographical location provides unique transportation, logistics and business facilities to ensure unique productivity. The new plant will be operational in early 2018 and will deliver customer orders with state-of-the-art technology and processes. As a result, HWI will begin to trim its manufacturing operations at Sproul, Pennsylvania, and Oak Hill, Ohio, in the coming months and expects to close the two plants by 2018. Employees affected by this change have been notified that both factories will continue to produce and complete customer orders. The layoffs will start on March 29, 2018 and will continue until the two factories are closed.

    On January 29, 2018, HWI fully notified the affected approximately 88 employees and all relevant government officials 60 days in advance of the Federal Staff Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act, which states that the Sproul Plant will Ceased operations and, at the same time, informed the 34 employees affected at the Oak Hill plant under applicable labor contracts.

    "It is extremely difficult to make a decision to stop production, given the long-standing impact that the two plants have on employee families and community residents, and we have explored many other possible options before deciding whether to discontinue production," said HWI President and Chief Executive Officer Official Carroll Jackson said: "We will do our best to provide relevant support for the changes made by our employees on both sides."

    HWI will work with relevant government agencies, communities and the American Ironworkers Alliance to help smooth the transition to all affected employees.