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Indo-European Joint Venture, Dammia Seven Refractory Company, Puts It Into Production
Apr 09, 2018

On April 2nd, Dalmia Seven Refractory Co., Ltd., a joint venture between India's Dalmia Refractory and Slovenia Seven Refractories, was put into operation in India. The new company will follow India's Dalmia refractory company's more than 60 years of experience and Seven Refractories's latest technology, will provide refractory refractories users in India with advanced monolithic refractories products and services.

It is understood that at the end of 2017, the joint venture company was approved to build a factory in Katni, India. The plant not only can give full play to Seven's innovation driving force, but also combines many years of experience with Dalmia, and also has many advantages. In addition to a well-educated workforce and the nearby Jabaipur Airport, the strategic location in the center of India also ensures convenient transportation and low transportation costs for customers in the eastern and western regions of India. In addition, the rich natural resources in the area help form a good ecological environment.

The factory will build a new production line with an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons. The production line will produce state-of-the-art refractories for casting and other uses.

There is a brand new German mixer and fully integrated with IT process monitoring and bar code systems. This line will represent one of the most advanced production lines in India's refractories industry. Whether it is finished products or raw materials, 100% monitoring and inspection will be conducted in the factory's own laboratory.