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Industrial Fragrance
Feb 01, 2018

    Industrial Fragrance is: bold, high temperature resistant, fragrant lasting, less dosage effect, a production of more use of (including international), both with exquisite technology, and superb art, so the essence is the industrial developed countries are not as good as a [1] of the particular industry, our fragrance is the first domestic manufacturing industry.As countries around the world, particularly in developed countries, the development of economy, the consumption level continuously improve, people more and more high requirement for quality of food, daily necessities, the fragrance of development of industry, consumer pull, accelerate the development of the world spices industry.In 1990, the total sales of synthetic spices and edible and daily fragrance were $7.8 billion;In 1995, it grew to $9.6 billion;It reached $12.1 billion in 2000;It reached $12.7 billion in 2001;In 2002, the sales volume of flavoring spices in the world reached us $15.1 billion, of which the fragrance was about 41%, the spices accounted for 35%, aromatic oil and aromatic chemicals each accounted for 12%.According to a report released by Freedonia Group in the United States, the global flavor of spices is expected to reach $18.4 billion in 2004, with a growth rate of about 5.4%.