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Magnesium Mines In Many Places In Liaoning Province Stopped Production
Apr 13, 2018

In early April, the environmental protection inspection team looked back at the development of the work. The inspection team has been stationed in Liaoning, and the mining work in many areas has been suspended. According to the Liaoning Province Second Quarter Safety Working Conference held on April 10th, the second quarter will enter the high-risk period of production safety accidents. The whole province must always tighten the safety production string, and safety production must be strictly controlled. In this case, the news of the halt of production of magnesium mines is more faithful.

At present, the news from the Liaoyang Mining Enterprise Office is that after the environmental protection team has inspected the Yingkou area, it will inspect areas such as Anshan and Liaoyang. At present, the mining enterprises in Liaoning Province are in a state of suspend production and not making explosives, but the price of magnesium ore is still temporarily stable.

There are also feedbacks from magnesium mining companies. As mines and magnesia enterprises stop production and there is less demand for ore, the effect on the price of raw ore (Liaoyang, etc.) cannot be seen at present and whether there will be a significant impact on the price of raw ores and magnesia products in the later period Material Window will continue to pay attention.

Since last year, magnesia has been affected by the ban on ore mining. Prices have been rising all the way, especially since June and September last year. Since the beginning of this year, magnesite has remained relatively stable, which also shows from the side that the price of magnesia in the previous period has risen severely, and the current situation of rising fatigue is obvious. Nowadays, the window of refractories considers that the problem to be solved is how to improve the quality of the entire product industry chain. In this way, market prices, sales of raw material companies and other aspects will have a better performance.