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See How Stars Use Essential Oils
May 03, 2018

Sun Feifei: Good at Using Essential Oils


Sun Feifei is not only beautiful, but also has good skin. She used to use lavender essential oil for skin care. Essential oils easily penetrate the skin, and different formulations of essential oils target different skin types.

Jolin Tsai: Essential Oil Massage


After bathing, mix 2-3 drops of bergamot or eucalyptus essential oil into the usual body milk and gently massage the body upwards to give the skin the most luxuriant enjoyment. It is not difficult to see how Jolie Tsai's killer spent much effort on good skin.

Britney: Mud Masks


Britney Spears latest photo, skin is amazing. She used to use skin algae extracts, Dead Sea slime, and plant essential oils for skin care. It has the effect of firming cellulite. As the mud film on the body gets dry, the skin will feel tightened. Then use a powerful water column to rinse the mud on the body. This impact from the water column stimulates cells and muscles, leaving the skin feeling full of sensations.

Fish Leong: Oil Soap


Liang Jingru, who has always had good skin, also bathed in essential oils. The essential oils of orange flavor can make people feel good, and lavender essential oils can bring good sleep. Try different formulas at home, so that you can relax and eliminate toxins in your body.