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Shaanxi Added 18.8 Million Tons Of Graphite Resources Last Year
Apr 11, 2018

It was learned from the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Land and Resources that last year the province focused on the three graphite prospecting areas in northern Hanzhong, northern Danfeng and Shangnan Xianghe, concentrated efforts, discovered five superlarge deposits, and added graphite resources amounting to 18.8 million. Ton.

It is reported that Shaanxi Province has good metallogenic conditions for graphite mines. High-quality crystalline graphite mines have features such as large diameter, high purity, low impurity content, and good selectivity. The development and application prospects are broad.

In the next step, Shaanxi Province will accelerate the transformation of graphite resources in four aspects. First, we strongly promoted in-depth exploration. By increasing investment in provincial geological survey funds, and urging other surveying entities that have acquired exploration rights to increase human, financial, and material inputs, the metallogenic regularity, distribution areas, reserves, and grades of the graphite resources in Hanzhong should be ascertained as soon as possible. The second is to fully develop scientific research. Strengthen cooperation and exchange with domestic and foreign graphite research institutes, cultivate and introduce advanced technologies for graphite deep processing, and strengthen the use of graphene. The third is to accelerate the pace of resource integration. We will increase the integration of graphite prospecting rights and mining rights resources in the northern battlefield of the Gu-Jin County of Hanzhong City and promote resource development and intensive processing by guiding exit, acquisition, equity participation, and mergers. The fourth is to explore the simultaneous promotion mode. Based on the investigation results, the development plan for the graphite industry in Hanzhong was started in a timely manner; planning and construction of sites for exploration, scientific research, mining, smelting, and processing were planned; and planning and construction of a set of technology research and development, incubation experiments, processing and utilization, and application demonstrations were started. Graphite Industrial Park.