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The Demand Of Global Specialty Chemical Market Is Strong In 2018
Jan 19, 2018

    According to chemical and engineering news on January 2, the American chemical council (ACC) said that the global market for specialized chemicals was promising in 2018.The continued growth in demand, the continued expansion of the Asian economy and the recovery of European demand bodes well for the global market for specialty chemicals in 2018. ACC forecasts that global production of dedicated chemicals will grow by 2.5 per cent in 2017 and accelerate to 3 per cent in 2018.

    ACC predicted global specialty chemicals production will grow by 3.3% in 2017. Although in 2017 the global economy overall rally, but oil and gas drilling industry such weak specialty chemicals terminal market, led to the 2017 specialty chemicals production growth is not as good as expected.But industry watchers say the market will be better in 2018 than in 2017.