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The Flavoring Market Size In China In 2017 Year
Jan 25, 2018

  As a complex mixture of spices and corresponding accessories, the number of flavors is even larger.The market size of the global fragrance fragrance market is growing at a low speed.In 2016, the global flavor and fragrance market was 24.45 billion usd, and the compound growth rate was 3.1 percent from 2006 to 2016.The global annual compound growth rate is 3.9% from 2016 to 2020, and the global fragrance and fragrance market is expected to reach us $26.3 billion in 2020.The global market for fragrances is highly monopolized.

  In 2011-2016, the world's top ten flavors company sales account for 76.9% in total global sales - 78.6% range, presents the high market concentration, especially the givaudan, Finn good pleasure, IFF and DE xin four companies, their combined market share in recent years in more than 50%.Major global flavors company attaches great importance to research and development investment, research and development funds every year generally accounts for 5-10% of total sales, mainly to apply centralized fund the development of new products, new technology, through the control key of spices varieties, technology to maintain its leading position and monopolistic profits, has become the international flavors common practices of large companies.

  Flavoring industry transfer to developing countries at present, the global flavors as big company of products structure adjustment, synthetic spices shift production to developing countries or regions, the domestic or foreign investment company is given priority to with producing high value-added essence, at present has been basically formed in developing countries and regions for low-end products and resource products, developed countries to provide high-end product market pattern.

  In developing countries and regions, China is one of the few can compete with the developed countries in the production of flavor were one of the major global flavors company have been coming to China to invest, this to a certain extent, promoted the Chinese flavors with the rapid development of industry.At the end of 2006, there were 346 flavoring and flavoring enterprises in the whole country, with a total revenue of 22.509 billion yuan.By the end of 2013, the national flavors enterprises above designated size, a total of 334, the realization of main business income is 54.624 billion yuan, companies generally small, industry concentration degree is low, concentration and scale remains to be improved.