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To Be Careful When Using Essential Oils! French Media Claimed That The Essential Oil May Bring Health Risks!
Jan 16, 2018

The use of essential oils is now more and more widespread, but according to the French health magazine Top Sant, as a conditioning herb, essential oils pose the same risks as all medicines.

The effectiveness of essential oils is very strong, if not used with caution, most likely to have side effects. This is why aromatherapists stress the safety of essential oils. The concentration and amount of essential oils must not exceed the toxicity threshold.

1 gram of lavender oil is enough to make people drowsy, 2 grams of Hyssop essential oil can cause seizures and 2 teaspoons of medicinal sage oil can be dying. Contains more than 200 different ingredients of essential oils can quickly have a role in the human body.

In short, avoid using essential oils without the advice of health experts!