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Turkey Demirel Mining Will Expand Bauxite Production
Mar 02, 2018

February 24 news, bauxite annual production capacity of 800,000 tons Turkey Demirel Mining plans to expand production in April this year, the company said a source.

     At present, its monthly output of bauxite 30,000 tons, beginning in April this year will be expanded to 4-5 million tons.

     "We plan to produce between 500,000 and 600,000 tons of bauxite this year, depending mainly on the demand in overseas markets, especially in China," the source said.

     It is reported that in 2017 the company metallurgical grade bauxite output of about 200,000 tons, the current inventory of about 50,000 tons.

     The mine owner mainly supplies 8-5% alumina bauxite with 52-57% silica and currently offers offshore USD 30 / tonne for 52% alumina bauxite. They can use a cargo ship with a loading capacity of 60,000 tons and freight to China is about 25 US dollars / ton.