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Yunnan Province Found The Bodun Research Institute Of Flavors And Fragrances
May 04, 2018

According to reports, Yunnan Province is the main producing area of natural spices in China. Nearly 400 kinds of natural spice crops have been discovered and introduced, and about 90% of the world's aromatic plants can be grown in open air in our province. In addition, the spice production and export volume of Yunnan accounted for nearly 30% of the national total. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions including India, Germany, the Netherlands, and France, and also include the top ten flavors and fragrance companies in the world. Yunnan has a unique natural flavor and fragrance resources, and the advantages and reputations of quality and resources are out, but Yunnan has been playing a more important role as a grower and raw material supplier in the industrial chain and market of flavors and fragrances for many years. The chain is located at a relatively low level, and there are few heavyweight brands in the market. In the face of growing market demand, Yunnan urgently needs to break through and solve the problems of fusion innovation in the industry of fragrances and spices. To create a high-quality, high-profile Yunnan flavor and spice products and brands is the inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the flavor and fragrance industry in our province.

The reporter learned that Bolton Group is one of the largest flavors and fragrances industry companies in China. Its core products are flavors and fragrances for cigarettes, flavors and fragrances for daily use, flavors and fragrances for food, with annual sales of nearly 5 billion yuan. Many years ago, Bolton Group began to pay attention to the development and utilization of natural flavors and fragrances in Yunnan, and established planting bases and offices in Yunnan; the Yunnan Provincial Academy of Science and Technology was a new type of scientific research institution approved by the provincial government of Yunnan Province, focusing on Yunnan Province. Provincial industrial development, common technology research and development, has a strong ability to integrate scientific and technological innovation resources and service capabilities; Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences has a domestic first-class R & D platform and research team. The Flavor and Fragrance Research Institute jointly established by the three parties will boost the innovation and development of the flavor and fragrance industry in our province, help the development of the bio-pharmaceutical health industry in the province and the development of the agricultural industry with high altitude characteristics, and at the same time, it will also help the precision and flavor industry to help poverty alleviation.

The three parties will focus on the development and utilization of Yunnan natural flavor and fragrance resources to carry out extensive, in-depth project and industry cooperation in production, research and industry, and exert their respective high quality in the fields of production, education and research, and create innovation cooperation platform for production, learning and research, and continue to dig deeper and develop Yunnan. Natural flavor and spice resources, improve the value of development and utilization. And to realize the modernization, marketization and internationalization of Yunnan's natural flavors and fragrances in the field of development and utilization of relevant industries, and to upgrade the level of scientific and technological innovation in the development and utilization of natural flavors and fragrances in Yunnan, and to guide the transformation and upgrading of the flavor and fragrance industry in Yunnan Province.

In the next step, the three parties will also plan to carry out a series of cooperation projects such as Yunnan's modern planting base for natural flavors and fragrance plants, Yunnan Burton Fragrance and Fragrance Trading Platform, etc., and organize Yunnan Province's R&D institutions and companies in the fields of flavor and spice planting and processing, etc. Bolton Flavors & Spices Union, jointly creating the brand "Borton Aroma". And relying on the research institute, they jointly built and actively applied for the National Flavor and Spice Technology Innovation Center to create a national-level innovation platform for flavors and fragrances.